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A lot depends upon the sort of equipment you’re speaking about.

If you purchase something which is, to put it bluntly, in a mess, you might spend quite a long time regretting it and writing out some hefty cheques to attempt to put things right.

In the case of manual tools, providing the price is right and they are in good shape, you shouldn’t have any issues.

For anything more complex, purchasing second-hand can be a fantastic method of saving money but it may be wise to only buy from an experienced and registered dealer in garden and agricultural equipment.


Providing you buy an excellent version from a major recognized producer, you should have no issues at all.

However – and this is crucial, if you have really set your mind at doing silly things with motorised garden gear then finally you can turn virtually anything over.

How secure are chainsaws to use?

Now to be clear, they are only dangerous if you abuse them or have neglected to follow the advice about learning how to use these to start with.

Depending on the size of the saw concerned, you may in certain situations also require a degree of physical strength so as to use them safely and securely. They’re heavy and after a while, if you are not used to them, they could place stress on your shoulders and arms. That’s a fantastic signal to stop.

Never allow young people to use a chainsaw or rather, at all. Never use one while you are precariously perched on peak of a ladder.

You must also under most conditions, use the assortment of approved security equipment. That would include helmet, ear protection, Boynton Beach Bat Removal, face protection, heavy-duty gloves and armoured boots also.

Do not follow their example!

Is an electric chainsaw than a petrol model?

This is a superb question that regularly causes plenty of arguments!

Broadly speaking, electric chainsaws have the benefit of typically being slightly lighter, quieter and they’re also a bit less temperamental. That’s something that you’ll understand if you have ever been furiously and trying to begin a recalcitrant petrol-engine edition!

However, they are restricted in terms of their range because of having access to power sockets and they’re generally less powerful than their combustion-engine cousins. Their use in tight spaces can also be an issue because of the fact that you’re dragging a cable supporting you.

It is also not unknown for people to saw through their own electric cable when they have got into a wreck (be sure you’ve got emergency circuit breakers consistently in line).

It is something of a generalisation but many professionals performing heavy-duty regular cutting will, for any lot of reasons, select a petrol version. Electric chainsaws are far more popular in suburban environments in which the load to be placed on the saw is very likely to be less regular and lighter overall.

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